It’s a Brussels-based design studio founded in 2019 by Bérénice de Salvatore and Bastien Chevrier. Specialising in 3D printing and digital crafts, the studio has distinguished itself by its ability to optimise its equipment for production that is both fast and waste-efficient. In particular, they have developed an innovative printer that recycles waste for new prints.

The studio offers a wide range of services. For individuals, it offers help and advice in developing and designing personal projects. For businesses, MINIMETRE is a key partner in the ecological transition, integrating eco-design and design thinking to create sustainable and recyclable products.

Their workshop is also a research centre where recycled materials are transformed into waste-free objects that are fully traceable and produced only to order. The use of advanced technologies, such as ceramic, pellet and wire deposition printers, enriches their expertise in digital craftsmanship.

MINIMETRE is committed to passing on its eco-responsible values through educational programmes and workshops, aimed at raising awareness of sustainable practices among a wide audience.

By collaborating with players in the cultural and craft sectors, MINIMETRE creates an enriching link between traditional crafts and modern technologies, stimulating innovation and creativity in the cultural and artistic scene.


2024 Avril | Milan Design Week, BRUSSELS DESIGN BEYOND BORDERS, Milan

2024 Avril | Milan Design Week, BOLD DUALITIES, Milan

2024 Mars | Gris Soleil, Blackwool, Liège

2023 Décembre | Brussels House, Londres

2023 Novembre | KIKK Festival, Namur

2023 Novembre | L’Ouvroir Sésame, Bruxelles

2023 Septembre | Renewal, Bruxelles

2023 Septembre | BOTCH N°1, Bruxelles

2022 Septembre | Boisbuchet collection, MAD Incubator Bruxelles

2021 Novembre | Modern Craft, MAD, Bruxelles

2021 | Boutique des créateurs, Mons

2021 Septembre | Prix des Amis de la Cambre, Bruxelles

2019 | Madrid Design Festival, 1er prix Andreu World, Madrid

2019 Juin | All in One, exposition collective, Kanal Centre Pompidou, Bruxelles

2019 Septembre | Huberty & Breyne opening, Bruxelles

2019 | ECAL x Qwestion, exposition collective, Zurich & Lausanne

2019 Avril | ECAL x Foscarini, exposition collective, Palazzio litta, Milan


2022 | Summerschool Domaine de Bois Buschet, Faye Toogood

2021 | Boutique des créateurs, Maison du Design de Mons

2019 | MIT Self Assembly, Boston

2018 | Maarten Van Severen Chair N°3 , Aldo Bakker, Gand


2022 | Boisbuchet, France

2019 | Prix des Amis de la Cambre, Bruxelles

2019 | Mad Brussels Prize, Bruxelles

2017 | Frame Design Challenge

2017 | 1er prix Andreu World, International Design Contest Design prize 17th



2023 Novembre | BX1 interview

2018 | Frame, N°124

2018 | Frame, N°123

2017 | Maarten Van Severen Chair N°3 with Aldo Bakker

2017 | Vivre à Nîmes N°150